In Search Of Runners To Contribute To This Blog

A Good RunLast year, 26 individuals besides myself contributed to A Good Run. Collectively, they ran in 18 different U.S. states and four different countries. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each of their posts and received some great feedback about their experiences.

Besides the documentation of my personal running trips, my goal with the blog is to allow others to share their cities via a run, thank important people in their lives and highlight a cause that they support.

I’m currently in search of 12 new runners to contribute to the blog over the course of the next twelve months. My goal is to share one run a month, potentially more given the response. If you are personally interested, please view the post requirements and either send me an email ( or leave a comment on this post. Let me know what city you’d like to feature and identify a month (over the next 12 months) that you’d like to reserve. I promise that it will be a rewarding experience!

Please share this post with the runners in your lives. I’d love for them to contribute.

Previous A Good Run Participants:

JoinUs_Jones    JoinUs_Boulter    JoinUs_Corbitt

Joey DeSanto Jones, Washington, DC

Michael Boulter, Flint, Michigan

Chad Corbitt, Gainesville, Florida

JoinUs_Chapman    JoinUs_Cunningham    JoinUs_Adams

Lynn Chapman, Birmingham, Alabama

Brendan Cunningham, Beacon, New York

Jenn Adams, Reno, Nevada

JoinUs_Chan    JoinUs_Muhlbauer    JoinUs_Tillie

Ernie Chan, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Amanda Muhlbauer, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tillie Good, Ames, Iowa

JoinUs_Rodriguez    JoinUs_Blankenship    JoinUs_Runyon

Tracie Rodriguez, Raleigh, North Carolina

Sandi Blankenship, Hangzhou, China

Joel Runyon, Chicago, Illinois

JoinUs_Holder    JoinUs_Chestnut

Jared Holder, El Paso, Texas

Ellen Chesnut, Okoboji, Iowa

JoinUs_Hammell    JoinUs_Riley    JoinUs_Wyble

Allan Hammell, Twin Cities, Minneapolis

Anne Riley, New York, New York

David Wyble & Ally Browning, St. Joseph, Missouri

JoinUs_Villa    JoinUs_Dictus    JoinUs_Barin

Mario Villa, Austin, Texas

Ben Dictus, Portland, Oregon

Tawny Barin, Los Angeles, California

JoinUs_Leih    JoinUs_Chan2   Schuetys

Kirstin Leih, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Calvin Chan, Mississauga, Ontario

Clayton & Jessica Schuety, Little Rock, Arkansas

Cathy_Mores    Chris_Yow

Cathy Mores, Manhattan, Kansas

Christopher Yow, San Jose, Costa Rica

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