“Best Of” My 2013 Running Trip

Last year I developed a “Best Of” list from my trip. I had a blast creating it, so I figured that I needed to do it again.

Dollars raised for the Iron Phi program – $2,167.50

Worst weather for run – Memphis (Rain)


Best weather for run – Athens


Most used item that I had to borrow – Scented trash bag from Sparky Reardon.

Clutch performer – Gabby Leon (Getting us to the airport on time after daylight savings fiasco)

Best building – Parthenon  (Nashville)

Photo Mar 04, 2 40 35 PM

Best mural – Lucky Charms, Atlanta


Best accessory – Cincinnati Bengals T-Shirt

Photo Mar 04, 9 48 28 AM

Best digs – Hilton Atlanta

Most unique digs – The Pattee Toy Room (Nashville)

Most dangerous moment – Running into an in-ground fountain (Birmingham)

Best hot lap – Max Chapman in backyard. Peabody ducks in fountain were a close second.

Photo Mar 07, 1 23 09 PM

Best monument – Vulcan Statue (Birmingham)


Riskiest moment – Jumping Expo Pool fence to take picture


Riskiest landmark – Top Hat (Fort Dodge)


Best Megabus seatmate – Chuck – We watched Harlem Shake videos (Nashville to Memphis)

Coolest Megabus stop – Union Station, Chicago

Best new travel experience – Uber

Best decision – Not eating fresh juicy pig lips mid-run (Birmingham)


Best fan club – Pattee Kids (Nashville)

Favorite blog post – Fort Dodge

Items damaged4 (Cracked phone, top handle broke on day-pack, buckle on backpack broke, sent headphones through washer)

Best tour – Lane (St. Judes)


Best alternative transportation mode – Public bikes in Nashville

Photo Mar 04, 2 36 59 PM

Best bar – Tootsie’s (Nashville)

Photo Mar 04, 2 31 31 PM

Best homemade breakfast – Oatmeal – Andy Tomka, Chicago (Retains title)

Best run (felt the best) – Atlanta


Funniest running buddies – Charlie and Bret (Oxford)


Most landmarks purchased – Anne & Don Davidson

Most crucial shower – Memphis

Funniest Megabus moment – Chicago Bus Driver Announcement (Don’t be takin’ your time gettin’ off this bus)

Most hardcore running buddy – Blake Utley (Ran 3 miles prior to meeting up with me)


Best gift– Lard Have Mercy Shirt (Sparky Reardon)


Most miles with one person – Jeremy Sale (13.6 miles)

Best food moment – Re-introduction to Taco Tico


Best coffee shop – High Point Coffee (Oxford)

Most frequented establishment – Love’s Travel Stops

Most knowledgeable running buddy – Chris Chapman

Best campus – Ole Miss


Best Phi Delt moment – Reaching the Iron Horse Statue with a fellow Iron Phi


Best local beer experience – Southern Pecan (Memphis)

Worst mid-run decision – Chugging Coca-Cola (Atlanta)


Best beard – Jason of Good People Brewery (Birmingham)


Best fashion – Matthew Porchivina


Funniest conversation – Amelia (Birmingham)

Longest run – Birmingham, 9.35 miles


Shortest run – Athens – 5.1 miles


Best stadium – Sanford Stadium (Athens)


Most random landmark – Tree That Owns Itself (Athens)


Longest bus ride – Chicago to Nashville (9 hours)


Shortest bus ride – Birmingham to Atlanta (2:55 hours)

Cheapest bus ticket – All of them ($1)

Most generous transporters – Four-way tie (Ben Boden,  Matthew Porchivina, Lynn Chapman, Gabby Leon)

Total number of miles (running) – 61.63

Total number of miles on bus – ~1,161

Best collegiate sports experience – Ole Miss Basketball Game


Coolest story – Blake Utley’s high school running program

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