If I’m Not Back In An Hour, Come Find Me

Hourglass_by_LekaTheSnakeThe title of this post is a phrase that can be heard often around our house. While it’s generally stated tongue in cheek, the phrase itself actually has some very frightening undertones. While I still consider myself to be in my youth, and with this comes more risk and less thinking, I’ve recently started to worry a bit more about safety in all aspects of life. Perhaps this comes from watching my almost two-year-old treat our house as his personal climbing wall.

While it’s always smart to tell someone what route you plan on running, especially if it’s longer distance, what happens if that person can’t find you for some reason? If you’re like me, running with a drivers license makes no sense and is annoying.

RoadIDLogo_Color_Vertical_JPGThis is where the friendly folks at Road ID can help. The Road ID is probably one of the biggest no-brainer running purchases that you can make. It’s also one product that you will hope you never have to use!

Road ID’s mission is two-fold:

#1 – Educate outdoor enthusiasts about the importance of wearing ID.

#2- Provide all athletes with innovative identification products that they will want to include as part of their gear.

Road ID creates rugged identification gear for outdoor athletes so they can be identified in case of emergency or accident. Their line of customized IDs is an integral part of any active person’s gear and can be worn on the wrist, shoe, ankle or around the neck. The products themselves are very affordable ($17 – $29) and create another layer of safety for athletes everywhere. They have many different custom options to make your Road ID custom to you.

Did I mention the friendly folks at Road ID? They were kind enough to send a Road ID my way for my wrist, and it will (once this shoulder is healed) become a part of my outside running wardrobe. I was able to customize the text with the phone numbers of important people to contact in Ames. I also had to add a little humor to my Road ID. Let’s just hope nobody actually get’s a kick out of it outside of this post! (Click on the image to enlarge)


Did I mention the friendly folks at Road ID? They were also kind enough to send along a Road ID for my road dog Lex. You never know when this crazy character will get loose.


Being a bit of a tech nerd, I do wonder if the folks at Road ID are looking into connecting their products to an app of sorts. Personally, I think it would be a fantastic addition if loved ones could open up a Road ID app and locate their runner based on where the device is.

Basic RGB
Note Following Post: They do have an app!

The all new Road ID App is a great tool for runners, cyclists, hikers, walkers and basically anyone not glued to their couch. With amazing features like eCrumb Tracking, a Stationary Alert, and a custom Lock Screen creator, the Road ID App is your perfect training partner. With the ability to track your workouts in real time, your friends and family can stay better connected whenever you head outdoors…delivering peace of mind like never before.

Please Note: The App is not a replacement for a physical Road ID and is intended to be a supplemental safety device only. For identification purposes, it’s important that you wear (on your person) an ID that First Responders can easily access in an emergency.

Simply put, safety is important. Road ID provides peace of mind.

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  1. Valeriy says:

    kargi postia..am moecuxbis rcheva daigebebi amovida yelshi. gvesmis ro gamocdileba bevrs shveba, magram axali dro modis da taobebi icvlebian, amas ver sheeguvnen ra. ://

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