15 Questions About My Upcoming Run

I’ve gotten many questions from friends and family throughout the planning stages of this ridiculous trip, so I thought it’d be fun to answer many of these questions on the blog.

Biggest Fear About The Trip

Really, my only fear about the trip is how weather could affect the bus schedules.  As you can imagine, a successful eight-day, eight-state trip relies upon smooth logistics.  There is only one day with two bus rides (Chicago to Indy to Cincy), so the risk is hopefully low.  Knock on wood.  I’m not one bit worried about getting lost in a city (this is part of the fun), the random people I’ll interact with on Megabus (also part of the fun) or the running.

Thing I’m Looking Most Forward To

Running, meeting with and staying with old and new friends alike.  One of my main objectives with this trip is to utilize it to build relationships with others.  While it would have been very easy to just worry about myself on this trip and do my thing, the most fun I’ll have will be when I’m sharing the experience with others.

City I’m Most Excited About

New York City is always fun to visit, but I have to admit, I’m looking most forward to Pittsburgh.  I’m going to have a handful of friends running with me in Pittsburgh and if you’ve never been there, the terrain is beautiful.  There will be hills, but the views that come along with these hills will be worth it.

My Prediction For Best Landmark Picture

When considering entertainment as a factor, there may be a three-way tie between: 1) Eating a Skyline Chili dog while running in Cincinnati, 2) Drinking a Miller High Life at the High Life Lounge in Des Moines or 3) Tebowing in front of Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.  From a “yeah, this is an awesome landmark” standpoint, I’m looking most forward to Wrigley Field, the site of the World Trade Center and Babe Ruth’s birthplace.  No matter the landmark, I look forward to thanking the individuals who donated to my effort.  Each one will be very special.

One Random Thing I Hope Happens During Trip

I hope to meet somebody really cool on one bus ride who has one hell of a story.  I’ve been thinking about doing a quick interview with my bus neighbor on each trip and sharing it with the world.

What I Hope To Achieve

I hope one person will read about what I’m doing and decide to challenge themselves to accomplish something they think they can’t do.  I’m a true believer in personal challenges and the positive effects they can have on one’s life.

Meal I’m Looking Forward To The Most

Easy, Skyline Chili in Cincy.  Second would be Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh.  Both completely awful for your health but so worth it.

Shout Out To The Individual Who Has Helped Me The Most Prior To The Trip

Big thanks to John Talcott in Pittsburgh.  John and I used to work together and he’s gone out of his way to accommodate me in Pittsburgh.  I’m staying with he and his wife Kimmy, he’s picking me up and dropping me off at the bus station and he’s made an effort to get fellow Phi Delts together in Pittsburgh to run with us.  What a guy.

Trickiest Logistics During The Trip

On Saturday, February 25th, I leave Chicago at 7am, arrive in Indy, run, get back on a bus to Cincy at 3:20pm and get to Cincy in time for the Xavier vs. Richmond game that evening with my buddy Graham.  Big thanks to Andrew Cole for getting me the hookup for Xavier tix.

Stuff I’m Bringing With Me

I bought a small travel backpack that I can strap myself into for the trip.  My goal is to bring enough clothes for four days and wash everything in Cincy halfway through. Besides clothes, the necessary travel toiletries, a camera, the trusty iPhone, my computer, one book and whey protein will be packed away.

Most Time Spent In One City

Chicago & Pittsburgh – 36 hours

Least Time Spent In One City

Indianapolis – 4 hours

Companies I Hope Give Me Shout Out Tweets

  • Megabus
  • Body Glide
  • Skyline
  • Primanti Bros.

How I’ve Trained For This

This run will be unlike anything I’ve done before.  The closest thing to it was the Bourbon Chase relay race that Tillie and I did a few years back.  The big difference with this run is stamina over many days.  I’m at the point where six miles is easy to do, but doing it eight days in a row will bring some complications.  I’m horrible at stretching but this will be the key to success on this trip.  Well, and attempting to get a good night’s rest each night.  Preparation for this run has consisted of many six mile runs over the last few months.  The most I’ve done in a row at this point is five days.

What I’ll Do To Celebrate At The End

Tillie is flying into DC to be with me on my final leg.  I’m obviously very excited about this.  I also learned this weekend that my sister-in-law and her husband will be taking us to the Flying Dog Brewery on the evening of the final leg.  This, my friends, is where I will be celebrating.

All for now.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anita Mac says:

    Cool challenge – good luck!

  2. Carol Donovan says:

    Good Luck Steve – Your Bourbon Chase “Racing Turtles” hope to see you along your journey!

  3. Marano says:

    Hey, It\’s not your last hurrah. Now you just have soneome else to go out with. I am glad you had a great time. Remember, what happens on a bachelor party stays there!

  4. Stefan says:

    Whoa, things just got a whole lot earesi.

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