50 Beautiful College Campuses For A Good Run

College campuses are some of my favorite places to go for a run. Luckily, I’ve been able to visit many campuses (125+ in total and 27 on this list) throughout my life through work and travel. Each is unique and many offer wonderful running routes. I had great fun developing this list, and I used my personal experiences/biases along with other research to identify the following 50 beautiful campuses to go for a good run.

I’d like to feature all of these campuses at some point on this blog. If you go to school or work at any one of these campuses, I’d love for you to be my featured runner. Heck, if you even know somebody at one of these colleges, I’d encourage you to pass this along to them to see if their interested. If interested, leave a comment on this blog or email me at sgood@grassrootgive.com.

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 10.50.56 AMOn a side note, do you know of any college presidents who enjoy running, make it a part of their daily lives or use it as a way to connect with students/employees? We’re developing content for a future post. Learn more and submit names here.

Without further ado, I present my top 50 beautiful college campuses to go for a good run.

Amherst College – Amherst, Massachusetts

Amhert College
Berry College – Mount Berry, Georgia

Berry College
Boston College - Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

Boston College
Brigham Young University - Provo, Utah

Bryn Mawr College - Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania

Bryn Mawr
Colgate University - Hamilton, New York

Colgate University
College of William & Mary - Williamsburg, Virginia

Cornell University - Ithaca, New York

Dartmouth CollegeHanover, New Hampshire

Duke University - Durham, North Carolina

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 4.13.31 PM
Elon University - Elon, North Carolina

Emory University - Atlanta, Georgia

Furman UniversityGreenville, South Carolina

Gettysburg College - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Harvard University - Cambridge, Massachusetts


Iowa State University - Ames, Iowa

Iowa State

Indiana University - Bloomington, Indiana

Kenyon CollegeGambier, Ohio

Lewis & Clarke College - Portland, Oregon

Loyola Marymount UniversityLos Angeles, California


Miami University - Oxford, Ohio


Mount Holyoke College - South Hadley, Massachusetts

Northwestern University - Evanston, Illinois

Pepperdine University - Malibu, California

Princeton University - Princeton, New Jersey

Rice University - Houston, Texas

Rollins College - Winter Park, Florida

Sewanee: The University of the South - Sewanee, Tennessee

Stanford University - Stanford, California

Swarthmore College - Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Calendar 2007
Sweet Briar College - Sweet Briar, Virginia

Union College - Schenectady, New York

United States Military Academy - West Point, New York

United States Naval Academy - Annapolis, Maryland

University of California – Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz, California

University of Chicago - Chicago, Illinois

University of Colorado - Boulder, Colorado

University of Hawaii at Manoa - Honolulu, Hawaii

University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, Minnesota

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

University of Notre DameSouth Bend, Indiana

University of Oregon - Eugene, Oregon

University of San Diego - San Diego, California

University of the Pacific - Stockton, California

University of Virginia - Charlottesville, Virginia

University of Washington - Seattle, Washington

University of Wisconsin - Madison, Wisconsin

Wake Forest University - Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Wellesley CollegeWellesley, Massachusetts

Yale UniversityNew Haven, Connecticut


64 responses to “50 Beautiful College Campuses For A Good Run

  • Colleen Sparks Albrecht

    Beautiful! They forgot mine though, Hood College, Frederick, Maryland

  • Sienna

    The picture for University of San Diego is actually San Diego State University, might want to make that correction.

    • Steve Good

      Whoops! Made the correction. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Adam

      I am afraid that this was a mrnsiipt- I have been asking the University to change it to Richard Brook, but they just won’t listen. I have no idea how they could have got confused, but it seems they did. Sorry to disappoint you, but Prof. Moriarty doesn’t exist.

  • Mark S

    Why is it the only winter picture was of Iowa State University? Many of the universities featured have much more snow and winter than does Iowa State University. While the winter picture of Iowa State University is beautiful it is out of sync with the rest of the collection. Iowa State University has a beautiful campus and is rightly featured with this group however it is also very beautiful in the fall, spring and summer also.

  • Bo

    That is not the Iowa State Clock tower.

  • Steve Good

    Hey all, yes, definitely the Iowa State campanile. I’m a Cyclone and live just a few miles from it. I’m a winter runner, so I love ISU in the winter, hence the pic. Yes, it is a little out of place though compared to the others, but it is definitely my bias coming through.

    Whoops about posting a San Diego State photo for USD!! I’ll change it. Both are very beautiful campuses!

  • @hust0058

    Go Gophers!

  • Mike

    University of Chicago? Beautiful campus, but make sure you’re packing heat if you go outside the campus boundaries.

  • turtlepacerunner

    I went to Bryn Mawr and it indeed is a gorgeous campus! I may revisit it soon for a run since I only live 20 minutes away!

  • Calvin Marron

    & last but NOT least: YALE! / #trayvon

  • oliviareyers

    For the Canadians: Queen’s University is the best place for a gorgeous run!

    • Seiko

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  • Allison Sundman

    I am an alumna and current staff at Pepperdine University. I am an avid runner so I go on campus at least once a week. I love the hills, the view and the ocean breeze. It never gets too hot or cold :)

  • Jay Edwards

    University of Mississippi, Ole Miss… Inexcusable omission.Kentucky basketball coach Calipari said this year ” This campus is gorgeous. This is one of the nicest college campuses in the country.”. I went to Minnesota..commuter school..

  • Cole Larsen (@colelarsen87)

    Absolutely loved running the 20+ miles of trail running throughout our gorgeous 13,000 acre campus during my time at Sewanee. Thanks for posting and allowing me to leave my completely unbiased opinion about the best college on the list. YSR!

  • Amber rose

    University of California Santa Barbara should be number one on this list!

  • Whitney

    Miami University is so beautiful! If you go to Upham Arch around 6 or 7 am you can see the President of the University takes his morning jog! He invites everyone to join!

    • Steve Good

      Whitney, I agree. I lived/worked in Oxford for eight years. I still work remotely from Iowa for Phi Delta Theta Fraternity’s Headquarters which is right at the intersection of campus and Uptown. I love Oxford. We need to get President Hodge to be the featured runner for Oxford/Miami!

  • Anonymous

    Nice pics of all the schools !!!

  • Sarah

    As a Cornellian I have also been to other schools on this list but don’t think any other place will ever compare to the beautiful scenery surrounding Cornell. The surrounding gorges, creeks, hills, and forested trails make for truly breathtaking runs.

    • Steve Good

      Sarah, any interest in being our featured runner at Cornell? If so, see the Join Us link at the top of the blog for more info and dates on the calendar that I have open.

  • Katie

    As an alum of Berry and someone who decided to stay in Rome after college I’m grateful you included our school at the top of your list! Berry is unlike any other place with a rich history, beautiful architecture, tons of wildlife, and with 26,000 acres at your fingertips each and every time you run is a unique experience. It is without a doubt one of my favorite places to run.

  • Tom

    Great call including Notre Dame! The campus along with adjacent St. Mary’s is spectacular and both lakes are a mile around with perfect packed dirt trails. You are running in the footsteps of greatness. I live in Philly (another great running city) but get out to ND a couple times each year. Nothing like an early Saturday morning long run followed by the greatest carb replenishment event of them all – tailgating with friends!

  • Pierre

    Nice piece! But a correction is in order. It should be “without further ado” instead of “without further adieu.”

    P.S.: As a Cannuck, I would suggest McGill in Montreal as another fine location for a run…

  • Anonymous

    nothing in DC? you clearly have never gone for a run at the monuments near GW!

  • Shannon

    Hi, I’m a runner and I will be attending Boston College in January 2014 for graduate school. I would love to know the running routes. I have done half marathons and I’m training for a marathon and would love to do the Boston Marathon.

    • Anonymous

      The reservoir Next to Campus is probably the most common route. Super beautiful

    • Kate

      The Reservoir is a great run. Throughout marathon training I ran a lot into Boston. Take Beacon Street toward Boston, turning on to Comm Ave and heading toward the Commons and the State house is my favorite.

  • Brian

    Dear Sweet Jesus, this might be more accurately called Schools White People Like.
    This is a perfect example of racism.

  • Ryan

    How about Binghamton University in Vestal, NY?

  • Anonymous

    Salve Regina University should be on this list. Since it’s not, this list is flawed!

  • Rick Lopez

    Through Amherst College, then east into the wildlife sanctuary, over Tuttle Hill, catch rail-to-trail east to Harvey Allen Trail, then through various routes on preserved land near Owen’s Pond. That route, about 5 or 6 miles round trip, is always wonderful, with great views, lots of variety, fresh air, cool bridges over marshland and brooks. It always makes my day.

  • sglassford27

    Notre Dame is great for running, but I know a school that has much better places for running: Carleton College in Northfield, MN. There’s an 880-acre arboretum on campus with beautiful trails for running. It was actually featured in Runner’s World magazine as one of their “Rave Runs.”
    It’s absolutely gorgeous, and it’s cool because in the winter when there’s too much snow to run, it’s groomed for cross country skiing.

  • michaelawanders

    I got to school at Furman and LOVE running there! The ROTC trail, route around the lake, and the fact that we’re adjacent to the swamp rabbit trail make it a great place to run outside.

  • Koji Yoda

    Dear Steve – I am proud of you for having found the 26,000 acre Berry College campus in the 2nd place. I was the first full-time foreign student ever admitted there back in 1961, and I immediately likened its campus to be a “utopia.” I am still convinced that it is indeed! Thanks! Koji Yoda, Berry 1965.

  • mary

    These Are In Alphabetical Order.

  • Lauren

    You should definitely contact Brian McSteen at brian.mcsteen@duke.edu. As a rising senior, he has run Duke’s campus into the ground and knows every nook and cranny of the gorgeous campus!

  • Kyle

    Being on the cross country team at Berry College, I have enjoyed so many of the trails on our 62,000 acre campus, and still have not seen so much of what there is to see! Berry is an amazing place to run, with who knows how many miles of trails and beautiful sights. Everything from mountain tops, to an old stone dairy, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, the House of Dreams, Swamps, fields, clay mines, to the rock quarry, and reservoir, and much more. Oh, and deer. There are lots of deer.

  • 4.4 Miles At Indiana University In Bloomington, Indiana | A Good Run

    […] Bloomington, Indiana is for cyclists, but runners are also welcomed with open arms. I have a very special place in my heart for Bloomington, or B-Town as the locals call it, and I’ll explain why here in a bit. Indiana University makes its home in Bloomington, and I’ll publicly state that IU’s campus is my favorite Big 10 campus. Now, I still need to get to a few, but I’m confident saying that Bloomington has a ton to offer. In fact, I placed Indiana University in my recent post highlighting 50 Beautiful College Campuses For A Good Run. […]

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  • epass

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  • Grazia

    I go to Mount Holyoke, and I’m 99% sure that’s not our campus.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe you forgot Vanderbilt!!

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  • James Sutherland

    COLGATE! Very appropriate choice! Ranked the most beautiful campus by Princeton Review and 2nd most fit college in America by Men’s Fitness Magazine. Nice article ;-)

  • Lyndon

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    comment but aafter I clicked submit my comment
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    Regardless, just wanted to say excellent blog!

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